A service about evangelical efforts!

Wednesday evening service at Gospel Light brought with it a surprise visit from John and Dixie Sasser, missionaries to the Jews, and their five boys. Looking for a place to park their camper overnight, GLBBC was recommended to them, and they arrived in time to be invited to the service.  Following hymns, announcements, prayer requests, and prayer groups, Mateo made an impromptu request to have the whole Sasser family sing for us. Brother John then gave a very enlightening testimony about their mission, which included 4 ½ years in Atlanta and 3 ½ years in Baltimore. The two main goals of their mission are to reach out to the Jewish people with the gospel and to plant churches in the areas of Orthodox Jewish communities. John Sasser has found many Jews that want to know the truth and has many stories of Jews being saved.  Stowed away within their camper is a large tent they use to draw Jewish people to tent meetings. Their sending church is Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Buchanan, GA (a King James only church).

The second half of our Wednesday night service was spent viewing episode 16 of the “Way of the Master” video series, titled, “Alcatraz, Al Capone, Alcohol.” The video started with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron touring the “rock”, as Alcatraz prison was once called, located in the middle of San Francisco Bay. An analogy was made likening sin with prison; with either one, you are held captive waiting to die. A sinful person will deny being held captive as they are enjoying the pleasures of sin. They don’t realize that “earth is a holding cell” while we wait for judgment and never consider their eternal destiny. A death sentence and eternal punishment is waiting for the unsaved. A sinner is chained to sin and death, for the wages of sin is death. Often the good news of the gospel is not enough to awaken a sinner to his condition.  He needs to be smitten; he needs a wakeup call before he will realize that “Jesus came to set the captives free.”

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  1. Lori G
    Lori G says:

    I spoke with the Sasser’s this morning and was told that Gospel Light is likely the friendliest church that they have run across in their journeys. Thank you church! This is how we need to be remembered! What a blessing!!!

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