What are you doing about it? From a Christian teenager’s view

Written By: Julia Giardino on April 29, 2010 at http://huliajulia.blogspot.com/

Have you ever had the feeling of guilt? Or the feeling that you know you did something wrong but can’t get over it? What do you ever do about those problems?
I recently watched a documentary about the Christian church in Vietnam. Did you know that there are Christians who go to church knowing that it is illegal in their country, but do it because they Love their Lord Jesus? Do they feel guilty? Maybe. Maybe they are frightened, but nothing is going to stop them.
Have you every taken so many things for granted that you just can’t help but forget about the One who has given you the right to do it? Or do you just ignore that fact and just say a few prayers at night? I recently have had these thought as a young Christian girl who loves her God so much that she has decided to do something about it. I can’t get over the fact that I have been blessed to just be able to live in a country without having to serve God in secret! I have been wondering what other Christians have been thinking about this. Do they ever think about things like this? Are they so caught up in everyday pride and joys that they forget that the Lord has been so good to them? What some Christians don’t know is there are other Christians around the world who have been in jail or have died just because they keep a bible in their home. Some walk for miles just to go to church. God has blessed us in so many ways. We have the ability to be able to go to church 3 times a week or even every day if we wanted to and even in a car! While others have to hide in basements and pray in secret just so they don’t get caught for serving a great God. What has America’s entertainment done to us that we have such a hard time remembering what the Lord has given us? We have clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet. We can stop and pray when ever we want with out being put in jail for it. We have homes, we have bibles, and we have friends and families who we love so much. But mainly we have an awesome God who we have to thank for everything we have. What have you done recently just to thank him? We have soldiers on the other side of the world who are fighting for our freedom to be able to do these things and have the things we love. While yet we spent hours sitting in front of a TV or hours in front of a computer, and yet even I am guilty of that too. When was the last time you went to your friend and told them how much you appreciate them? Or the last time you when to your parents and thanked them for raising you up right. Let’s face it! We have a God who has been so good to us and we need to thank him right now. It won’t hurt you to take a few minutes to just THANK God for everything he has given you. And mainly freedom to serve the one who has given you everything. You can thank him for so many things, that it can take a few hours just to name them all! And if you are wondering why I am saying this? Because we might not have all these things with in the next few years. Things are getting worse and some haven’t even noticed. The Lord is coming back soon, and I leave you with one more hard thought. Are you ready for His return, are you ready to hear that trumpet blow!?!? Are you ready for what he is going to say to you at the judgment seat? Are you serving him with everything you have? Or like I said, are you taking for granted everything He has done for you? He has been so good, and I ask you to think upon everything I have said or asked. I am just saying this because I care…with all my heart! I want my Lord to say, “Well done my good and faithful servant”. I want to change Christians. And if we all just ignore the fact, then who really is going to make the change? Make a change Christian and don’t take for granted the things he has given YOU! Every minute there is some one being beaten up or killed….just to do the things that we do. They surrender there lives for Our Lord…..are you surrendering you life For the Creator you made you?

Thanks for reading, and please think about these things I have taken time to write about, just for you, because I care about my Christian family who I have grown to love so greatly! -Julia Giardino A PK

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  1. Joy Beilman
    Joy Beilman says:

    Ouch! That hit me right where I needed it to. I do take things for granted. From my freedom to attend Church, the freedom to read my bible to the beautiful family he has given me. Julia you are so right. As Christians we should be on our knees thanking God for all we take for granted. So much wisdom in such a young lady.

  2. Julia
    Julia says:

    Praise the Lord Mrs.Beilman. I am glad it touched you. I just hope others see it the way you did:) loves!!!!

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