A Mother Died – by D.L. Moody

When the California gold fever broke out, a man went there, leaving his wife in New England with his boy. As soon as he was successful, he sent for them.
The wife’s heart leaped for joy. She took her boy to New York, got onboard a Pacific steamer, and sailed away to San Francisco. They had not been long at sea before the cry of, “Fire! Fire!” rang through the ship, and rapidly it gained on them.
There was a powder magazine on board, and the captain knew the moment the fire reached the powder, every man, woman, and child would perish. They got out the life boats, but they were too small! In a minute, they were over-crowded.
The last one was just pushing away, when the mother pled with them to take her and her boy. “No,” they said, “we have got as many as we can hold.” She entreated them so earnestly, that at last they said they would take one more.
Do you think she leaped into that boat and left her boy to die? No! She seized her boy, gave him one last hug, kissed him, and dropped him over into the boat. “My boy,” she said, “if you live to see your father, tell him that I died in your place.”
That is a faint type of what Christ has done for us. He laid down his life for us. He died that we might live. Now will you not love Him? What would you say of that young man if he should speak contemptuously of such a mother! She went down to a watery grave to save her son.

Well, shall we speak contemptuously of such a Saviour? May God make us loyal to Christ! My friends, you will need Him one day. You will need Him when you come to cross the swellings of Jordan. You will need Him if you stand at the judgment bar of God. May God forbid that when death draws close it should find your making light of the precious blood of Christ.
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