And the winner is… Family Camp!

That’s another successful Gospel Light event in the books. The two day yard sale brought in over $1200 for our family campers. Through the hard work, a setback or two, and a day of high winds, God saw us through it all. Most of our visitors willing took our tracts and many were invited back to attend a service. One woman who stopped by graduated high school here during time the church was called the Gates Baptist Temple and Pearl gave her a tour of the new church. Julia and Raquel were very successful in raising money through their baked sale, which was a welcome surprise to our hungry shoppers. Nathanael stayed busy charming our visitors with utter cuteness.

Sold were two large table & chair sets, a dryer, a wicker love seat, two dressers with mirrors, chairs, glassware, jewelry, toys, books, VHS tapes, and on and on. Some larger items may still be sold as they are being advertised on Craigslist. The unsold clothes went into the Goodwill shed on the property and the rest of the unsold items have been boxed up and are waiting to be picked up.

To all those who contributed items, to all those who contributed time and labor, and to all those who contributed money, thank you. Once again, the commitment of so many at Gospel Light to use their talents and hard work in the service of the Lord was supremely evident. Once again, God’s hand and His blessing was upon our small church, busy as usual doing big things.

NOTE: Moms, don’t miss the Mother’s Day service at 11 AM tomorrow.

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  1. Lori G
    Lori G says:

    Thanks to those who willingly gave of their time and MUCH energy! I, for one, am really beat! It was well worth it and we look forward to helping folks make the trip to Camp Li-Lo-Li! Bless you all!

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