Church Photographer Volunteer

We are in need of a volunteer for the position of church photographer.

This person should:

  1. be a regularly attending church member
  2. have their own digital camera
  3. attend special events held by the church

Topics of interest will be:

  1. highlights of the various events
  2. various ministry rooms in the church
  3. Pastor Vince and his family
  4. ministry leaders
  5. church families and individuals
  6. outside photos of the church

Once the photos are created, the photographer will post and arrange the photos on the web site. This person will work with and be trained by Mike Zingalie, the web master. The site uses a very easy-to-learn web based photo album software package.

Please contact Pastor Vince if you are interested.

UPDATE: After a plea was made during the Sunday morning service announcements, we found a volunteer. Paul Schreiner has agreed to take over the duties as church photographer.  Thank you brother Paul.

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