Weekend Lineup – What’s happening at GLBBC

Your blogger is a wee bit under the weather, so with your approval, I’m going to cheat (grin) and borrow from Pastor Giardino’s e-mail sent out this morning. As I write, he is busy going door-to-door with visitation to the surrounding community. Many of you may not be on pastor’s e-mail list, so this info is new to you. Those of you who do receive pastor’s e-mail’s, let this be a reminder.

1. Saturday 6pm prayer meeting. How about it…come out and pray. It would be great to have a good crowd at 6pm to pray together…MEN & LADIES together!

2. Evangelist Scott Saxton is camped out with his fifth-wheel in the Gospel Light camp ground. He’s teaching Sunday School tomorrow at 9:45am. He’ll be teaching on soul-winning. All classes will be in the main sanctuary.

3. I’ll be continuing my sermons series on Stewardship at 11:00am…I can’t wait! Do you have a testimony on stewardship, giving, the Lord’s provision/s in your life? I’d like for several to give testimony to the church. REMEMBER it’s not about YOU but the LORD!

4. In the evening Pastor Jim Donath will be teaching & preaching on MUSIC once again! He was a blessing the last time he and his wife were here! They’ll sing and then get to the topic at hand… helping us to understand the BEST music for the Christian.

It never stops being busy at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. Praise God for a church willing to serve God and the power of God’s Spirit working through us. Here is one more item from Pastor Giardino’s e-mail:

Here’s the deal with information>>> ANYONE can take in information!  You need the HEART to take it in so here’s a verse to help:

Pr 15:28  The heart of the righteous studieth to answer:…

Ask the Lord as you enter what I’ve prepared by way of guests and my sermon to speak not just to your HEAD but your HEART! Now read the verse again…

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