Getting the Gospel from Gabriel Gonzalez

The 4 Gs: Getting the Gospel from Gabriel Gonzalez

Thursday Evening Street Preaching: Brother Gabriel leads a contingent of faithful out each Thursday evening at 6:30 pm for old fashioned street preaching. His usual location is at the southwest corner of Lyell and Howard Roads. You may wish to have a look at The Street Preachers Home Page for some pointers. Please contact Gabriel Gonzalez for information.

Friday Evening Bible Study: Brother Gabriel conducts a bible study each Friday evening at 7:00 pm and Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. Ages 16 and up are welcome. Come on out to open the Word of God and enjoy some good fellowship.

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  1. Joy Beilman
    Joy Beilman says:

    Hi Joe, If anyone missed this weeks way of the master it’s on the web “EVOLUTION”. You might want to add a link to it.

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