Sunday Morning Recap

Adult Sunday school saw the attenders split off into groups for separate teaching sessions.  This blogger attended the session being led by Rey Caletz.  Rey is very experienced with evangelizing and has a wealth of knowledge to share.  The open, give-and-take format helped bring out many thoughts and helpful tips.  Among the ideas were: getting respect by wearing a tie, reasons for going in pairs, how to relate to people, how and when to pass out tracks, and many others.  The area in which Rey really showed his true self was with compassion.  Rey demonstrated how compassion is key; “let people see compassion in your heart” was Rey’s main directive.

Two highlights to the main service were Dean’s guitar solo and the baptism of two of our newly saved sisters, Sandy and Annalise R.  Pastor Vince continued his series on Salt-lution, emphasizing that, in these perilous times, we need to be salt.  Pastor read from Matt 5:13-16, Mark 9:50, and II Cor 2:14-16.  His message implored us to be the salt shakers that God wants us to be; to go out and salt the earth.  Nevertheless, we need to be careful not to dump on people; we need to use proper balances of grace and truth together.  Our ever resourceful pastor again used props:  a very durable bottle of Clorox, baking soda, Gatorade, Epsom salts, and our favorite, the large white block of salt (which remained un-licked, at least for this week).

Sunday evening service was to see the baptism of newly saved Matt P. and Pastor Vince’s charge for the Valentine holiday and the Valentine dinner set for Monday evening.

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