The Shumakers, Missionaries to Africa

At Wednesday evening’s service (May 26), Gospel Light gladly welcomed the surprise visit of Missionaries to Africa, Keith and Rebecca Shumaker and their four children. Without exaggeration, these friendly folks fit in like they had been coming to GLBBC for years. Our regrets were that so few showed up that evening to meet and greet them, and so little time was available to hear their testimony. (Note: Their picture is a few years old.)

Thankfully, brother Keith, a dynamic and motivated speaker, was able to squeeze in quite a bit of information in the time allotted to him. His first comment before providing their testimony was how they not only need prayer, but covet prayer. Ironically, after learning that Keith grew up Catholic, it was by noticing how different his saved friend prayed that led to his salvation. His own prayers were with words that were taught to him, while his friend spoke freely to God as though he had a personal relationship with Him. Eventually, brother Keith was saved through the Romans Road, accepted the call (reluctantly due to stage fright) to preach, and was then called to the mission fields of Africa. His time in the Ivory Coast was interrupted by that country’s civil war. Most recently, he and his family have been spreading the Word in Burkina Faso, Africa. Before coming home, the Shumakers had left their mission in the hands of trained nationals.

Brother Keith had in the past been asked about the sacrifices of overseas missionary work. His response was that it is “not a sacrifice, it is an honor to serve God.” The message he left for Gospel Light is that we should be willing servants; “Are you truly a willing servant?” God does not take us from the world after we are saved, he noted, but God’s purpose is “for us to be a light” in this world.

The Schumaker’s set up a colorful display on a table in back of the sanctuary and it was very popular with the children. Many well made, hand crafted toys and games from his mission country were set in front of beautiful photographs. Rebecca pointed out that the people will use almost any material available to them to create their crafts. The Shumakers maintain a wonderfully informative blog and it is located on their web site:

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