How to witness to family.

Wednesday evening’s service (May 26) included the episode of the “Way of the Master” that we’ve all been waiting for (or not): How to witness to family members. Ray Comfort called witnessing to family his “greatest weakness”, being awkward and very difficult. Kirk Cameron asked, “Why is it so much harder than talking to strangers?” The answer, of course, is that your family knew you before you were saved. Nevertheless, Kirk understood that there is “nothing more important than witnessing to family members because you love them the most.”

In this episode, 6 keys to reaching your loved ones were given:

1. Pray for them. Ask God to work in their hearts.

2. Be blameless. Make sure that you loved ones see you living a life without hypocrisy.

3. Confront them, at least once, but use an approach that includes your personal testimony. Don’t pressure them to make a decision.

4. Make an agreement with a friend. Both of you will approach the other’s family to share their testimony and the gospel.

5. Be rich in good works. By well-doing, you will silence criticism.

6. Be faithful. Seek first the kingdom of God. Trust God.

The last segment of the episode was used to demonstrate how to bring your children to Christ:

1. Be genuine. Set an example for your kids.

2. Establish a family alter. Set aside a place and time for daily devotions.

3. Teach them the Ten Commandments so that they will see their need for Jesus.

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  1. Jeremiah Rodell
    Jeremiah Rodell says:

    I am so thankful for this episode of Way of the Master!
    My 9 year old daughter, Kiana watched the episode and the cartoons at the end in regard to the 10 commandments really pricked her young conscience. I didn’t know this until June 4th at about 9:30 when she came down from bed and told me she wasn’t sure she was saved.

    Long story short, Kiana accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour and she really understood why she needed Christ. I am eternally grateful for the Way of the Master and their sound application of scriptural soul-winning.

    Praise the Lord!

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