REPOST: What and where is this?

Good morning Gospel Light! Do you remember this post from the end of May this year? Well our church is celebrating 3 months of this shed residing on the church property. Did I hear you ask “Why are we celebrating?” Well, this shed is an ABVI Goodwill collection center.  And it is turning out to be a very popular center, indeed. Tom Hamilton, who has been in charge of taking care of the building and communicating with ABVI, has said that GLBBC has received almost $400 from ABVI Goodwill for hosting the collection center. Now I’m sure Pastor Giardino would agree that this is something to celebrate. God bless you all and we’ll see you Sunday in service, Lord willing, and at the Pig-nic on Monday!

Do you recognize this building? Which one of the following choices is correct?

1. Gates Town Library, Western Branch

2. Outhouse in back of Gospel Light

3. Goodwill shed in the Gospel Light parking lot

4. Rey Caletz’s workshop

5. The Pastor’s Quarters at Camp Li-Lo-Li

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