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At this past Wednesday evenings service (Feb. 3, 2010), Pastor Vince asked the congregation for help in purchasing new hymn books for our services.  The pastor has made the choice of vendor and style and is ready to purchase.  Earlier in the day, Pastor Vince sent out an email to those on his mailing list, again asking for contributions.  For those of you who were not able to attend on Wednesday evening and did not receive an e-mail, here is the portion of his note dealing with hymnals:

I’d like for you to help out with another needy Endeavour. We’ve decided upon a new Hymn book for our church “Revival Hymns”! With the growing number of folks attending our services we are not only running short on hymnals….but there will probably be a page or two or three missing when you pick one up. I’d like for our church Family to buy a book for themselves and  family members in their household. We will start tonight in our Wednesday mid-week service. The main offering will be this coming Lord’s Day and end there…unless you have an write pledge to be paid for at a later date. The cost of the hymnbook will be about $10.00 each and “do the math” if you have several people in your family.  Bro. Mateo would like 150 bought with instrumental-enhanced books, which cost a little more.

So please pray about your part in the offering  as this is another great opportunity to help with a growing ministry! We want to write a check and get these hymnbooks ordered and in our hands this month…Lord willing.

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