Family Camp 2010

Family Camp 2010: A Review.

Written by Lori Giardino and Michael Giardino

Regardless of the reason…if you missed Family Camp this year, you missed so much more than can be written on this page. Family Camp is the one time of the year that we, the family of Gospel Light, can come together, leaving the cares of everyday life behind us. It’s the one time that we can spend our days and nights with one another, bonding in unity of believers because we all want to draw closer together.

The spirit of this year’s camp was real sweet. Although we had the lowest number of campers this year ever, the camp had big heart! It sounded like 200 people in the chapel during song time!

Our theme this year was “Satisfied.” The men didn’t get to hear Mrs. Massa speak to the ladies, but the message we received was about just that…being satisfied. Something that we all need to learn is to be content. There are so many things that we want that will never satisfy! This was a great and timely message for the ladies in attendance.

The preachers that brought us messages in the chapel services were right on the money. Bro. Willie O’Dell was with us on Friday morning and brought us a message on “Love”. Bro. Vince Massa preached messages on “Heaven” and “The Return of Christ.” Bro. Craig Cobb brought us a two part messages on “The Similarities of the Church and the Family.”

Outside of being fed with the Word of God, we were well fed in the lodge as Pam cooked up a storm for us. Always a blessing, the meals were made to please. Homemade pizzas included Buffalo Chicken Wing pizza and Hawaiian style with ham and pineapple! Another was sausage with peppers and onions, pasta salad and Pam’s yummy Pretzel Crusted Strawberry Jell-O. At Camp Li-Lo-Li, a meal is not complete without dessert…homemade ice cream sandwiches, chocolate éclair cake, brownies with real cream…mmmm! If anyone walked away hungry, it was certainly not because of the spread before us.

Fun times and activities are always abundant at Camp. From the canoes, kayaks and zip line on the water front, to the 30 foot high “Leap of Faith” consisting of climbing a telephone pole and jumping off the top to a trapeze bar. (It is much safer than it sounds, but quite a rush none the less. Some crazy people even attempt it blindfolded!) Another ropes course event that was very well attended was “Heaven Bound” where you are harnessed in and hoisted up to about 35 feet. Then it’s up to the rider to pull the ripcord and swing over the ravine…about 100 feet to the bottom! The screams can be heard from the farthest building! This camper found it just as much fun to watch while keeping my feet firmly on the ground! Some enjoyed the climbing wall and reached to the top to “kiss the rope.”

If you like a hayride, you will find that the stars are spectacular when the lights of the city are not masking the glow. We saw shooting stars and all of the constellations in full view. If hay riding is not your thing, Bro. Jim has his telescopes out and you can view the many planets that are boasting their brightness. Seeing the rings of Saturn is a special treat! When you are finished stargazing, you can make your way to the bonfire for marshmallows and s’mores! At the cabins, after the group activities have died down, small campfires make a nice place for song and testimony time, where those who don’t need any beauty rest will sit and reflect on the days sermons and activities.

We had many first time campers this year. One of which was a single mom whose son is in Mrs. Crane’s sixth grade class in a Rochester school. Sandra Medina was encouraged by her son Darial to come to camp and took a huge step of faith. Without knowing anyone but the Crane family she brought herself and her son to a camp full of strangers. But we were not strangers for long. Upon arriving Friday evening, Sandra seemed to enjoy camp very much. When Sunday morning arrived and Bro. Massa preached on Heaven, she found that she was not saved and soon after the service Sandra received Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior!!! AMEN!!!

Although camp is always a great getaway regardless of the weather, we were very blessed this year in that we had NO RAIN whatsoever! Not even a drop! The skies were pristine without even a cloud at most times. We couldn’t have asked for a better time.

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  1. Joy Beilman
    Joy Beilman says:

    While I really am sorry we missed camp this year I’m am so glad that everyone was able to enjoy the time of fellowship. We missed our church family and of course our fearless leader and are glad to have you all back home. When’s the next family camp? Could we move it up to this July?

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