The Roman Catholic view on justification

On this Saturday morning, when Baptist street preachers, led by Bro. Kevin Deegan, will meet outside of Sacred Heart Cathedral in Rochester, NY, an understanding of the issues may be helpful.  A very clear and informative article titled,”The Roman Catholic View on Justification” is available on line here. Deacon ordination is scheduled for 10:30 AM at the church (296 Flower City Park) and the rectory hall and will be presided over by Rev. Kevin McKenna, pastor. Of particular interest is a former ordained Baptist minister who has been in the news because of his quest to become a Catholic priest. Becoming a deacon is one of the steps in this process. This former minister, by true biblical standards, can easily and logically be defined as a heretic. Thus, as a counter to false teachings, a evangelical presence within earshot of this mornings Catholic ceremonial proceedings was deemed appropriate. We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

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  1. Pastor G
    Pastor G says:

    Standing for truth against the spirit of error is what Christians have stood for throughout church history.
    Scott Caton as well as Bill Gent are two heretics that I know personally. It grieved my soul to see these men in the shadow of the Roman Catholic system of trickery and deceit. When Mat 24:24 states that the “very elect” will be deceived I now know two very intelligent former preachers that have been swept under by the RCC. Also Caton’s wife Bonnie has been swept under. Just think of the best and godly teenager you know with a stellar testimony for Jesus….Bonnie was that teenager I knew growing up. I sat in ten-grade class discussing with her the salvation of Scott Caton some 36 years ago. Seeing their children follow them into Sacred Heart Cathedral to see their father be ordained as a deacon saddened by heart enormously. Knowing if the Lord doesn’t touch their heart that six children will not be the next generation of truth-bearers for Jesus Christ because of heresy in the Scott Caton family.
    Please pray his ordination to become a priest does not come to pass next year. We indeed stood in the evil day against this system and preached the Gospel according to the scriptures… 1 Cor 15:3-4!

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