My Life in a Nutshell – by Darryl Marcoux

I was recently asked to write a testament of my life in a nutshell. My name is Darryl Marcoux and my nutshell sounds a little like this.

I was born to wonderful parents in a “Beaver Cleaver” environment. The second oldest of eight children. My parents were Roman Catholic and all of us kids were forced into this religion. At a young age of around 10 years or there abouts, I knew something was not right about church, I never felt good about churchtime and when at church I couldn’t wait for church to get out! At age 17 I joined the military during the Viet Nam war. As soon as I got away from my parents, I abandoned the Roman Catholic religion. My life went like this for the next 11 years, no matter what I attempted I succeeded in, not only that but I excelled in succeeding.

But one day I lost two disks at work and lost my job, my identity and my self respect. Then the next 9 years I dwelled in my mire until a friend of mine invited me to a church that woke my spirit up. I was saved in 1995. I thank God I did not die during this period. I was past the age of accountability and totally unaware of the neccesity of being born again and sacrificing my life so Jesus could live through me. I made several alter calls because I wasn’t sure if I was truly saved. I wanted to be saved because all these people seemed to be satisfied with their lives and I wanted that.

While at this church I was invited to a computer class. At this class I met my spiritual father. His name was Dean Alexander. He started class with a bible study and noticed I took such great interest in his studies that he brought me under his wing. He fed me as a child in Christ then weened me into reading and understanding the bible! I then made myself available for the work Jesus had in store for me. The church offered me a position in their version of street ministry. They made me a block leader over several people. I matured enough to where I heard the voice of God and was obedient to His words and was rewarded for my faithfulness. I arrived, made myself available and allowed Jesus to live through me.

The problem was I took on too much at once and burned myself out. I removed myself from ministry. For the next seven years I was in the valley, out of touch with God. I needed rest but it felt so good to be lax that I stayed there. By staying in that place I was placing stumbling blocks in my path. Then by God’s grace and nothing else he placed Pastor Vince in my path and he invited me to GLBBC. I took him up on that invitation this past February and the stumbling blocks have been removed one at a time and now I am back in the place where I can die to myself and make space for Jesus Christ in my heart. I am allowing Him to live through me and I can now listen for that little voice telling me how I can bless others! Thank You Jesus, there is none like You!!!!

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  1. Joy Beilman
    Joy Beilman says:

    Darryl you are truly a blessing to me personally and to Gospel Light. You are a good friend, caring person and a light in a sometimes dark world. God has placed you in our lives for a reason. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us.

  2. Mrs. G
    Mrs. G says:

    Great ‘nutshell’ Darryl. It’s been great to have you around. Darryl is a workhorse and no job is too big or too small for this man of God. Keep up the good work my friend.

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