GLBBC Bible Conference – June 14: Brother David Charles Spurgeon

Gospel Light was host to Evangelist David Spurgeon and his family once again this Monday evening as part of our ongoing bible conference. Bro. Spurgeon will be back with us both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 7 PM. Monday being Flag Day, Pastor Giardino had all the service veterans in the congregation stand and say how and where they served. Joel Clavijo, in his Marine Corp uniform, stepped forward to the flag and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The music was outstanding this evening. Luke, Grayson and Michael at the piano sang “Are you ready for the call?” (Hint: Expect an encore performance Sunday morning.) Immediately after the song, as the ushers came forward for the offering for Bro. Spurgeon, Pastor G. reached into his pockets and said, “That song makes you want to give everything in your pockets.” To which Bro. Spurgeon yelled, “Sing it again!” Raquel then played a song on the piano and was followed by Grayson who, clearing the stage of the pastor, sat with his guitar and sang, “Take up your cross and follow me.” Last and certainly not least, David and Susan Spurgeon blessed us with singing with daughter Evay at the piano and singing also. They sang, “I have more to go to heaven for than I had yesterday” and “Once and for all, Christ rescued me”. Bro. Spurgeon then announced, “We have a request, but we’re singing anyway” and led us in a rousing and animated singing of “Can I Get a Witness?”

Brother David Spurgeon read I Cor 2:9 to introduce us to his topic for the evening: “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” His topic was to be, not just about what heaven might be like, but about the people we will see in heaven when we get there. Yes, we are looking forward to seeing the Lord of Lords and all that is described in the scriptures about heaven, but who else will be in heaven with us? Bro. David spoke of the many names in the bible that will be in heaven. He spoke of the many martyrs, people who gave their lives for the Word, and often “we don’t have the time to read it.” Martyred Christians paid a heavy cost to get into heaven. Nevertheless, Bro. Spurgeon wanted to talk with us about “the people that are going to be in heaven because of some effort you made.”

In heaven, we will see people we prayed for, people we had a burden for. “What a blessing to know that your prayers were answered”, said Bro. Spurgeon, when you get to heaven and “you’ll finally know these prayers worked.” “You ought to be praying for people”, he instructed. To often, prayer falls by the wayside because we are too busy in the “Fast Lane”.

Bro. Spurgeon talked about tracts, giving examples of his experiences with the usefulness and effectiveness of tracts. He urged us not to leave tracts in the tract rack; “they are not part of the furniture.” Likewise, don’t leave the tracts in your pocket; “they are not part of your uniform” as a Christian. He asked, “Do you hand out tracts?”

When you support the people in the mission fields, and people get saved, you are part of that effort, Bro. Spurgeon explained. We should be participating in and supporting the various ministries of the church. “If we labor together, folks will get saved,” he promised. There will be “folks in heaven because someone witnessed to them.” “Do you support ministries?”, Bro. Spurgeon asked?

After, having us turn in our bibles to Rev 20:11-15, Bro. Spurgeon warned us that, at the great white throne, we are going to be witnesses to those cast into the lake of fire. “You are going to see people that you could have witnessed to, but you, for some reason, did not care.” “ You didn’t even try to reach when God gave you the chance.”, he said.

Rev 5:11-13 gives a picture of what we shall see in heaven forever and ever. Ultimately, we are going to have to give an account of our Christian lives. Is there going to be anybody in heaven that is there because of your witness? Bro. Spurgeon counseled, “Don’t waste your life on yourself. Let God use you.” The invitation to come forward was made as his daughter Evay played the piano once more.

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  1. Jeremiah Rodell
    Jeremiah Rodell says:

    I was moved and touched by this message. I was confronted with some areas in my life where I am not a witness as I ought to be. I want to see people in heaven and I want to be a part of what God is doing NOW in this present day. I’m thankful and greatful for the message delivered by a faithful messenger! I can’t wait to get to church tonight and see what God has in store this evening.

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