Divine Delay

This past Wednesday evening (Feb 17), GLBBC played host to the warm and entertaining preaching of Eddie Wyatt.  Brother Wyatt’s first decree was to dethrone and replace brother Vince as our pastor for the evening.  With brother Vince properly seated with his family, Pastor Eddie took to the pulpit and delivered a lively sermon titled “Divine Delay” based on the passages of Luke 18:1-8.  After establishing that the single most urgent problem in churches today is a lack of prayer, he urged us to develop a good prayer life, to be always in the spirit of prayer.  But for those whose prayers are not being answered, who are discouraged or disheartened, Pastor Eddie suggested that “divine delay” may be what God has planned; “sometimes God says no, sometimes yes, and sometimes wait.”  For those of us who have a hard time with patience, he says we must learn to wait on God, “for there is joy for those who don’t give up.”

Citing biblical examples such as Abraham, David, Paul, and Lazarus, Pastor Eddie explained that God has a plan for each of us, but that sometimes we are not ready.  “God may have you in school for awhile.”  He preached, “There is love in God’s divine delay.”  He continued by addressing the need to be obedient to God because the Lord is working and preparing during divine delay.  “Perhaps God is doing the most when it seems he is doing the least.”  Thus, “divine delay is the road to greater joy.”  Pastor Eddie spoke of instances in one’s life where joy is derived from the anticipation of waiting.  Waiting will cause a greater appreciation when the prayer is fulfilled and you realize it was worth the wait.  In conclusion, Pastor Eddie Wyatt encouraged us to not give up and to keep on praying, for God may be working on our answers right now.  (Editor’s Note: Alls well that ends well for our restored Pastor Vince who, by the end of the evening, took back the helm of the starship Gospel Light.)

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