What Does God Think of You?

Tuesday evening’s service, which was well attended, displayed once again one of the strengths of Gospel Light, our music ministry. For such a small church, the number of quality performers is remarkable indeed. Praise God for blessing Gospel Light’s music ministry. After the hymns, led by Mateo, Tuesday evening’s music started out with Gail on piano during the passing of the collection plate. Paul and Dawna stepped up, with Julia on the piano, to sing “It’s no secret what God can do.” Then Dean with rhythm guitar, Grayson with banjo, and Josh sang a stilling rendition of “He leadeth me.” Evay Spurgeon then sat at the piano and sang, with Julia doing harmony, “I can see the master washing at my feet.”

Disclaimer: Trying to give the reader a sense of what a David Spurgeon sermon is like is not easy. How do I convey his enthusiasm, his sharp wit, and his humor? He ruthlessly slices through the heart of any matter to discern that which is sin and that which is Godly. If you have never seen Brother Spurgeon speak, you will not perceive his amazing style and personality by what I try to put down in words.

Brother David Spurgeon read from Psalms 8:1-4 and followed with prayer, saying at one point, “We don’t need another social event, we need a touch from heaven.” “What is man, that thou art mindful of him?” Psalms 8:4 Brother Spurgeon said, “We need to consider what God has done”, and “There was a creator and his name is Lord Jesus Christ.” If we realize that, “we won’t be so tempted to think the world revolves around us”, he explained. Further, he said, “God without man is still God, man without God is an accident waiting to happen.” “I can’t figure out why He gives us the time of day”, he said. After reading Psalm 40:16, Bro. Spurgeon had the congregation repeat aloud, “The Lord be magnified.”

Through four main questions, Bro. Spurgeon attempted to, “provoke you to consider: What does God think of you?” He then used Col 3:1-2, “If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”, to set up his first question.

1. What does God think of your priorities? Bro. Spurgeon stated that, for saved Christians, “set your affection on things above” is a “flat out command.” “Examine your own self”, he said, “People’s priorities today don’t revolve around Christ or bringing people to Christ, but pleasure…The devil is the God of this world and he loves it when we get caught up in it.” He suggested using the word JOY as a way to remember priorities: J = Jesus, O = Others, and Y = Yourself. Christians with their priorities out of order are miserable. “If you are entangled with the affairs of this life, you have your priorities wrong”, Brother Spurgeon emphasized. He warned those who become too obsessed with politics, current affairs, or conspiracy theories should be spending more of their time in the Word. He spoke also to the unsaved in the congregation, saying that Gospel Light was a good place to be saved; “I got saved in a jail; it wasn’t the best place, but it worked for me.”

2. What does God think of your relationship to His Book? “God is an author, a best selling author. Have you his latest? Can I recommend it to you?”, said Bro. Spurgeon. “God only wrote one book”, not all those other books from the many other religions. He urged us to have a personal relationship with God’s Word. We should be studying the bible to show ourselves approved of God. He said, some may “think that knowing the 1611 King James version is the Word of God is so important, that it is the only thing important. That is only the beginning.” “Thy word have I hid in mine heart.” Psalms 119:11

3. What does God think of you attitude? Brother Spurgeon means your attitude toward serving God. Romans 21:1 tells of “reasonable service”, service to God that is reasonable because Christ went to the cross for us. “Every once in a while, we should turn to see God”, said Bro. Spurgeon. The vision of Isaiah in 6:1-5 was that he saw (1) God, (2) true worship, and (3) himself compared to God. “Woe is me”, said Isaiah. “We’d do well to see ourselves in comparison to God”, counseled Bro. Spurgeon, “The correct attitude is to be thankful to even have the opportunity.” Isaiah, in verse 8, displays the correct attitude toward service by saying, “send me”.

4. What does God think of your home? “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Josh 24:15. Is this a fact within our households or, as Bro. Spurgeon suggested, “just a plaque from Wal-Mart”? If the Lord knocked on your door, would you run to open the door, or would you need time to hide things first? “How long would it take you to open the door?”, asked Bro. Spurgeon. Are you the same Christian person at home that you are in church?

Bro. Spurgeon concluded by asking, “Is God pleased with your priorities? Does He like where He is in your life? Or is He only cutting in to your me-time? Are you available to serve God? Is your home in order?” “You’ll never do anything anywhere if you’re not doing anything where you are”, he warned.

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  1. Jeremiah Rodell
    Jeremiah Rodell says:

    This sermon spoke to my heart in particular during these meetings. Just as when the law is brought to light and our sin becomes “exceedingly sinful” in the light of God’s law, so I became “exceedigly humbled” when the question was asked, “What does God think of you?” What a question! It brings my mind to the Judement seat of Christ when I’ll have to answer to my Saviour.
    This sermon was inescapable to anyone who is honest with God and themselves. Certainly God used this sermon and Brother Dave in conjunction with the Holy Spirit and the scriptures to convey what I would consider a classic sermon worth revisting from time to time for a reminder and reality check.
    Praise the Lord for his faithfulness to reprove me in love for my benefit, and for his many thoughts toward me.
    Thank you, Jesus!

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