Lands of the Bible 2010 – Blog Series

The unassuming entrance to the cave church

Bible scholar Ben Witherington has been writing a series of highly interesting articles on the “Lands of the Bible”. These articles are available on his blog at His latest in the series is about the Cave Church of Paul and Thecla. If you are into the history of biblical times, these articles well be worth your time.

Here is an excerpt from the article: “Before the time of Constantine when Christianity became a legal or licit religion, Christians met in private places, homes being the most obvious.  But they also met in caves, and turned caves into churches.  This seems to have especially happened in Turkey, and one such example is right in, or better said, above Ephesus.  High up on a ridge overlooking the theater and harbor of Ephesus is the cave church of Paul and Thecla.”

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