Our Man on the Street Preaching: Gabriel Gonzalez 6-17-10

We had a great time passing out tracts and holding signs for people to see. I am always blessed to see young people take the time to be a witness. There are so many things they could be doing, but they choose to reach out to our community to tell them about Jesus. Thank you all for your tremendous testimony.

While we were out, we saw Rey and Roberto Caletz driving the billboard truck around town. What a sight! It was like rolling in the heavy tanks and blasting away. No one can compete with that not even Dancing Derek!!

Please continue to pray for this necessary ministry. Pray for Derek as he is exposed to the gospel every week as he dances for his boss, Little Caesars Pizza.

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  1. Julia G
    Julia G says:

    What a blessing it is indeed!!! With all my heart, I love to go out and preach the Gospel. (the Men do the preaching and we do the passing….lol) But I do love to see people see us holding up signs. And I will still continue to pray for DANCING DEREK. I pray that us younger adults will be able to be a GOOD witness to HIM.

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