Father’s Day Sermon – June 20

After the hymns, Sunday morning’s service was blessed by the singing of our young men. Grayson, with banjo, sang solo the song, “This is my Father’s world.” Michael then sat at the piano, with Grayson and Luke at his sides, and we heard them sing, “Are you ready for the call”, a very wonderfully harmonious effort.

Pastor Vince Giardino, in a salute to Father’s Day, titles his message “Big Shoulders”. He told a story of how God was creating a father with large physical features, while the whole time being second guessed by an angel. And for each part, God had a reason. For instance, God made a father’s hands large enough to hold everything in his child’s pockets and to be able to cup the child’s face in his hands. When finished, God asked the angel, “Now are you satisfied that he can love as much as a mother?”

Pastor said that “as the family goes, so does the nation.” As father’s, we should be good examples to our children and in our church, someone that can be looked up to. Pastor exhorted the father’s of our church with four points:

1.) Shoulder the Load – Atlas was given the weight of the world to bare on his shoulders as a punishment. Likewise, there should be a load on fathers’ shoulders. A national problem for many decades has been men would know how to breed, but not how to “father” the children. But as in Psalms 103:13, “Like as a father pitieth his children”, a father must be involved with his kids. Pastor encouraged us to look to God to help take the load off your shoulders. Jesus Christ had the load of sin on His shoulders which he took to the cross. Pastor Giardino said, “Bear the load, protect your family, you are a priest of the Lord.” Just as priests carried the ark, carry the load of your family. He also asked the wives in the congregation to encourage their husbands, “Tell your husband you love them.”

2.) Shatter the Lies – Be sure your children are familiar with the truth, that they “grow up pure”, or it will mess up their minds and their hearts”, Pastor Giardino admonished us. Father’s should teach their cildren that the devil is “close to the church house” and close to home. The devil is “prince of the power of the air” and our pastor explained that “your only defense is the Spirit and the Word of God.” “Shatter the lies of the devil using the Word of God”, exhorted Pastor Giardino, and “don’t put confidence in the words of men. I John 2:13-14 says that fathers must over come “the wicked one”. “One of the lies men must shatter immediately,” Pastor explained, was that “you think you can do it on your own.” Just as soldiers fought shoulder-to-shoulder, so must we “hang around with other men” and “pray with other men.”

3.) Sheltering the Lessons – Whatever Godly thing you learn, “share it with others.” Psalms 78:5-6 commands fathers to teach to the generations to come. “Tell others what God has done for you,” Pastor Giardino said to go about defending biblical principles and teaching them to your children. “Those of you who are strong,” when you are up against hostility, put your children on your shoulders, and use the Word of God as your sound footing.

4.) Shepherd the Lost – “Go and find some lost sheep”, Pastor Giardino said. In John 10:13-14, Jesus said he was the “good shepherd” watching over His flock, and that “the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” Pastor reminds us that these lost sheep are our spiritual children; even as Paul was in prison, he was trying to win people to Christ because of his faith in Christ. “Are you an onlooker?”, asked Pastor G.

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