A Church Family in Prayer

Wednesday evening brought our church family together in prayer. Along with the prayer request sheet, Pastor Giardino took many more prayer requests from the pulpit. Just a few requests will be mentioned here; please pray: Jeremiah, Janelle and family are looking to move soon. Josh is taking training classes with the hopes of obtaining a job at Harris. Mike Deming is scheduled for heart surgery on July 1. Rey is in need of more work in his livelihood. Grayson’s father may soon make a salvation decision. Pray for Dean’s daughter, Heather. Scott Saxton will soon be leaving to help with problems at his home church. Dave Stulpin’s mother passed away. Pastor Giardino warned that we are in the midst of “unceasing spiritual warfare” and that “the Christian life can be hard.”

News and Notes: Ron Giannetto of Little Red Book Ministries stopped by to visit. He spoke of his Florida rally early next year. Our music special for the evening was Paul and Dawna singing “Meet Me There”. Michael and Julia were busy “tickling the ivories” during the singing of hymns. It was announced that David Spurgeon has a new web site, thanks to discussions with web master Mike Zingalie. Pastor estimates that over 50,000 people saw the bible verse on the Ad-truck last week (which has since been returned). Lastly, a new copier resides in the church office.

Pastor had a short lesson that he brought from a devotional his family did at home. Both Daniel (Dan 10:7) and Paul (Acts 9:3-7) were spoken to by God in such a manner that nearby people did not understand what was going on. When God speaks to us, he is also speaking to us personally. When God wants to get your attention, He will speak to you personally. It’s when you are not hearing anything from God that you should worry, said Pastor Giardino.

Our episode of Way of the Master brought us a look at the streets of Las Vegas. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort asked, “What is the biggest gamble you can make?” They asked people if they would gamble their lives by Russian Roulette for $10,000,000. Some people said yes. They then asked people if they would bet their life on whether there is a hell or not. “If hell did exist, would you want to be warned?” Evidence for the existence of hell was given through reason and through the conscience. They strongly recommend that we don’t gamble with our eternal life. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matt 16:26

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