A Very Special Sunday Evening

What a wonderfully blessed and varied evening we had at Gospel Light this past Sunday evening. With Gail H. at the piano and Michael at the electronic keyboard, the evening began with a rousing medley of Patch Club songs. And then on stage came the Patch Club boys and girls, dressed in black and white, with sailor caps and bibles as their swords. With Melodie as the conductor, our little “pirates” sang their hearts out during the 3 very entertaining songs. Lori and Melodie then handed out the Patch Club awards to each of the members.

Next, we witnessed the believers baptism of our brother in Christ, Larry Francis. Pastor Giardino stepped into the baptismal tank and explained to the congregation that the water is symbolic of a watery grave, and the coming up out of the water symbolizes the resurrection in Christ. Larry then entered the water, gave his testimony, and was carefully dunked by our mindful pastor. Thus was Larry following the Lord in scriptural baptism.

Larry Francis being scripturally baptized by Pastor Vince Giardino

It was the Keepers of the Faith Girls turn to come on stage while wearing their sashes and receive their awards. Carolyn M. explained how each of the awards was earned before handing them out to the members.

Following the singing of hymns (I’m still humming “I want a mansion…”), Pastor Giardino announced that Grayson’s father, Michael Krol, had accepted Jesus on June 21, with Pastor mentioning seeing the glow on his face. Thank you Lord for your convicting Spirit and saving grace. Our pastor was in such a joyous frame of mind that he began to clown around with various new names for the church, including Break Dance Bible Baptist, Battleship Bible Baptist, etc. Poor Lori covered her eyes (but needn’t have despaired, as there are modern day drugs for dear old Vince.) Pastor G. then called for the collection while Cassandra M. played brilliantly on the piano. (This blog has mentioned it before and will keep on mentioning how deep and talented is the music ministry of our small and humble church.)

Paul and Abigail Miller, with child (their 9th), were amongst us in the congregation; they had come to visit with their children. Abigail kindly agreed to sing for us and stepped up to the piano. Abigail introduced herself, and in the process, happened to mention that Lori used to babysit her; Lori appreciated the comment (not), poor Lori. With her amazing, sweet voice, Abigail, while playing piano, sang for us “I am not one of these” and “I just can’t wait”. Her performance was truly a blessing.

Our very busy night was hardly over. Brother Scott Saxton was our preacher for the evening and delivered a “knock your socks off” sermon that he said had very special meaning to him. This was a sermon that he had heard early in his Christian life that helped him walk with victory against sin. Scott asked, “How do you spell victory?” In the interests of space, this blogger will highlight his Brother Saxton’s sermon in a separate blog (coming soon to a web site near you). As always, sermons at GLBBC will (eventually) appear as audio sermons on the Sermons page of the main Gospel Light web site.

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