Artwork Thievery

Update: Pastor Giardino has the original artwork of Salina’s timeline! He’s let me borrow it and I’ve scanned it into digital form. The resulting pictures are much nicer in color and quality. Please check out this page again and see the big difference.

You, dear blog reader, will find listed among the blog “Pages” a new item called “Gospel Timeline”. Click on the button above to get there. The actual title of this piece of artwork is called “Timeline of the New Testament to New Jerusalem”. If you check the bottom frame, you will notice that the artist is Salina Giardino (dated ’07). Where did I find this gem? I don’t quite remember, but I think it came from one of the previous GLBBC blogs that went extinct (like the Dodo Bird). Now anyone who remembers this artwork will notice a big difference. That’s because this blogger took some artistic license to modify the timeline to fit the blog page. I sliced and diced the frames. Instead of the original horizontal layout (which would not have fit), the frames were arranged vertically. Some color and contrast enhancements were also done to the original file. If Salina sees her work on this blog, I pray she won’t mind the blatant theft.

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