Reminder: Our sermons are on-line!

Wake up and good morning Gospel Light.  I just wanted to remind you that recent sermons preached here at GLBBC are now available on-line here on our web site.  We encourage you to find and listen to those you may have missed.  Likewise, you may have a favorite sermon you would like to hear again.

Go to: Preaching at GLBBC

You may to choose to click on “Special” and listen to sermons from our special guests, such as Dickson Beam preaching on “John to the 7 Churches” or “Where are We Prophetically?”  All sermons can be heard on-line or can be downloaded to your own PC.

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    Cassie Gitt says:

    Does anyone know how you get those customised backgrounds on wordpress. All i can seem to get is the ones they provide. Can someone help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee?.

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