Hospital Visit

This blogger stopped by to see Mike Deming this morning. My shift at Strong Medical Center ended so I went on up to the seven floor of the hospital, popped my head in and, lo and behold, he was awake. I stayed for about an hour and a half and we chatted. Considering what Mike has been through, he is doing very well. (He’s a wee bit cranky from lack of sleep though – grin – but who can sleep in a noisy hospital?). Did you know that today (July 3rd) is Mike Deming’s birthday? Poor fella has to spend it in a hospital room.

Mike’s surgeon stopped by and let him know that next Tuesday they are letting him go home! He has a few small exercises he is to do throughout the day. They will be having him walk a few times today also. When I left, he was sitting up eating breakfast. Let there be no doubt that the Lord has heard your prayers, Gospel Light, and has given Mike the strength and spirit to endure.

Please continue to pray for Mike and his wife Julia. Mike is in some pain and his recovery will not be easy. Please consider visiting him. I know he would appreciate it.

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