“Quit You Like Men” – A charge from Jeff Faggart

Would it be OK to ask Jeff and Danielle Faggart if their daughter Iris could stay behind to play piano at Gospel Light after they leave town? Iris played a lovely piece on the piano during this evening’s offering. This was followed by “Grayson’s Gospel Gobblersbluegrass band: Grayson with his banjo, Julia with her violin, Josh with rhythm guitar, and Melodie adding vocals. “I’ll Break the Chains that Bind” was song they sung and was greatly enjoyed by our congregation. An inspired Pastor Giardino suggested they play some more, so we received the blessings of one chorus of “On the Sea of Galilee”.

Our guest preacher for the day, Pastor Jeff Faggart, took to the pulpit and described for us much of the work of his ministry with the Baptist History Preservation Society. He described much of what went on during this year’s society tour in Virginia and North Carolina. One highlight was the story of the “Ride of Martin Gamble” prior to the Battle of King’s Mountain. Pastor Faggart saw that battle as being the turning point for the Revolutionary War. Next year’s tour, we were told, will be in New York State. He talked of erecting historical memorial markers, procuring materials for the museum and archives, and commissioning and unveiling paintings. He asked for our prayers for the ministry, which he says was dedicated to bringing glory to God and to being a blessing to God’s people.

Pastor Jeff Faggart’s message this Sunday evening was about “standing in the face of the enemy”. The key verse was from 1 Cor 16:13, “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.” This verse admonishes us to “watch ye” or to be aware, “stand fast” and “be strong”. However, the central point of Pastor Faggart’s sermon dealt with “quit you like men”, a phrase that is seen no where else in the New Testament. This phrase in the Old Testament is indicative of a battle and urges behavior like that of a courageous warrior. The phrase instructs in “the way a man should conduct himself on the field of battle.”, said Pastor Faggart. The meaning of “quit” is unlike today’s meaning, he explained, but means “not stopping until you are finished”; “Never leave something undone.” Pastor Faggart gave many examples of lives of our Baptist ancestors, where service for the Lord was a battle for a lifetime. Likewise, for us as Christians today, the battle should be “until He calls us home or until we die.” We must have resolve in our hearts, Pastor Faggart urged, “We ought to finish well” and “quit like a man.” Qualities that we should seek after, he preached, are persistence, courage, sacrifice, and goodness. “A great man may not be good, but a good man is always great”, he said.

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