Shhh…don’t say “Jesus” in public

It seems just by invoking the name of Jesus in a public prayer will offend someone. Well at least some public officials are too afraid that it might offend someone. So the courageous clerk for the North Carolina House of Representatives took matters into her own hands and arranged to have Pastor Ron Baity (Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem), the honorary chaplain fired after his May 31st prayer. He had refused to remove the name “Jesus” from his opening legislative prayer for the government chamber’s sessions. So the clerk brought the matter to House Speaker Joe Hackney who promptly fired Pastor Baity. “She said ‘We would prefer that you not use the name Jesus. We have some people here that can be offended.’”, Pastor Baity told Fox News Radio. He later demanded an apology from the Speaker of the House and the clerk in a letter sent by his legal representative, the Christian Law Association. He is also requesting to be reinstated to his position at the state capital to finish his tenure. His attorney, David C Gibbs III, noted: “The First Amendment promises all Americans the free exercise of their religion, which includes the right to pray as their faith requires, even when they are invited to open state legislative sessions with prayer.” He added, “There is no authority in American history, tradition or Supreme Court precedent that requires a legislature to censor a private citizen’s prayers in order to participate in a benefit or privilege that is offered to other citizens of the state.”

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