The Way of the Master: Dealing with Athiests

Starring Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, The Way of the Masters video series has been utilized as a teaching tool during our evangelism classes at GLBBC (i.e. Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings).  Recently we watched a video dealing with atheism, and if you missed it, the following link will bring you to that same video on their website. ( The video is 29 minutes long.)  Atheism

YouTube hosts a channel for The Way of the Master videos.  The following link sends you to a short, Season 3 video excerpt where they talk with self-professed atheists.  They conclude that atheists object to the moral standards of God, standards which inhibit their freedom to live they way they want.  Angry with the Builder

For further information, Ray Comfort has written a book called, “God Doesn’t Believe in Athiests: Proof that the atheist doesn’t exist”, which is available on their website.  Click on The Way of the Masters banner in the right column of this blog page to visit the site.

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