Gospel Light Book Store

Plans for the new Gospel Light Book Store were unveiled last evening (July 15) during the service. Placed in the rear of the sanctuary was the first of six planned shelves which will carry the merchandise. After the service, the congregation was allowed to view and purchase the items displayed. Many items were eagerly snatched up as the lighted display was very popular.

The remaining shelves will be in place before the week is out, as the book store takes shape. Pastor Giardino has acquired a variety of books and interesting items for sale. Prices will be placed near the items, as seen in the photos. Among the items are King James Study Bibles, Evang-Cubes, E-Bands, Thompson Chain-Reference Bibles, Christian music CDs, Mini-Bibles, pocket-sized New Testaments, Bible covers, Soul-Winner’s Scripture Memory Books, Bible Indexing tabs, and many miscellaneous Christian books on a variety of topics. You’ll not want to wait to purchase since many items are already gone.

During the “buying frenzy” last evening, Grayson volunteered to act as cashier. However, the Gospel Light Book Store is in need of someone who will take long-term, primary stewardship and control of the project. This person would lead a team responsible for maintaining inventory, helping Pastor G. acquire new products, and act as cashier and accountant to handle the money. Please contact Pastor Vince Giardino soon if you are interested in volunteering.

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