Mike and Kim Farris, Missionaries to Military Chaplains

On Sunday morning, Gospel Light was blessed with the visit of Mike and Kim Farris, Missionaries to Military Chaplains. They were in town to visit Pastor Huber at Walker Bible Baptist Church. After a stay overnight at the “Gospel Light Hotel”, Brother Ferris provided a slide show overview of his ministry at our 9:45 AM adult Sunday school. Their sending church is Bible Baptist Fellowship Church in Gypsy, West Virginia, with Mike claiming to speak “hillbilly”. Their ministry is a part of All Points Baptist Mission, operated by Calvary Baptist Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Calvary Baptist Church/All Points Baptist Mission is approved by the Department of Defense as an ecclesiastical endorser of military chaplains.

The Military Chaplaincy Ministry goals are twofold: (1) To place independent, bible-believing, Baptist chaplains into the military, and (2) To reach military for Christ. Brother Farris reminded us that “freedom was never free” and that those who have served and are serving are protecting our freedoms. However, “our military is in crisis”, he explained, because America has forgotten that God fights our battles for us. “If we don’t have revival in our military, then our country may well be finished”, Brother Farris surmised. The major issues facing our military today are suicide (a record number in June of this year), divorce (80% in the military), substance abuse, domestic abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite what some doctors might think is the solution to soldiers’ problems, “they don’t need more pills, the need the Gos-pill”, he said. “We need to get the Word of God back into our military.”

Another concern of Brother Farris had to do with the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy regarding gays in the military. Technically labeled USC 654 Title 10, this law, passed in 1993 under the Clinton administration, continued the long-standing Defense Department policy stating that homosexuals are not eligible for military service. However, in May of this year, led by the efforts of Adm. Mike Mullen (current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) , the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal the law. Still having to pass the Senate, we were asked to pray that the legislation does not pass. A repeal has the real possibility of destroying our military.

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