“Special Offer” inside this message from Pastor Giardino

Pastor Giardino, once again, sent out an e-mail to those of us on his e-mail list. For those without e-mail, and for those not on his list, the following is the complete text of his e-mail sent out 7/19/2010 11:51 PM. Please note his call for help with the Game Room for Wednesday (07/21) afternoon.

Hi Gospel Light Church and Friends,

Good evening! The Lord was gracious to our church yesterday! The good spirit busted right out-of-the-gates in Sunday School. Please read the BLOG for a really well done review of yesterdays services! I enjoyed the 103 in our 11am service as the Lord is answering our prayers regarding our ministry growing this summer. New families and visitors are happinin’ during the summer. Please make this a matter of prayer as we see more and more checking our church out…this is encouraging. I stated as we entered this year, along with our theme, that I was hoping and praying this would be a year of growth as we closed 2009 with our Open House and headed into 2010 with a vision of growth to fill this Extreme Church makeover.

I’d like to have anyone who is able to show up at noon on Wednesday to help with moving things out of the game room to prep for painting and a nice makeover for our teens this fall. I’m excited about this “little project” that will encourage our young people. If you come at noon we’ll feed you lunch…work you hard….and feed you dinner! Stipulation: Only workers on the room will be fed, this will limit our cost of feeding. Anyone on the property during this time, thank you for understanding. Bring a change of clothes and stay until church service at 7pm. Depending upon the showing of workers we’ll “demo” the ceiling as well.

Let me leave you with a short lesson: Phil 1:27 “…that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel;” The word Striving = Making efforts; exerting the powers of the body and mind with earnestness. True unity in a church doesn’t just happen, especially when you’re dealing with the spirituality of a ministry. There must be an effort and so is the lesson >>>> make an effort to do something and serve the Lord. It’s easy when you realize how much He has done for you. When you lose this appreciation and gratitude. The loss of unity is down the drain as there is a lack of faith “of the gospel”. Let me encourage you to strive together as a church like never before. Everyone should work in concert to fulfill this verse in our lives!

Love my country….fear our rogue government…value my church”,

Thank you & I love being your pastor, Pastor Vince Giardino

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