From the gutter-most to the utter-most!

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Wednesday evening service was graced by two remarkably spirited music specials. At the pulpit, Doris sang for us, “Are you walking and talking for the Lord?” And at the piano, maestro Michael sang, “Holy Field of Grace”.Pastor Giardino had a number of announcements, among which was that Luke and Jesinia were engaged. It’s about time Luke. Our pastor asked for help with transportation to teen camp, wishing to keep costs down without sacrificing safety. The upcoming Family Dedication on August 15 was mentioned with a call to sign up and a reminder of scriptural precedence. Much progress toward the renovation of the game room was accomplished during the day on Wednesday. Mateo asked that all those interested in Music College to please get their money in by this weekend at the latest.Besides the prayer request sheet that was handed out before the service, Pastor Giardino fielded additional requests from the congregation. Some requests of note included: Marji’s knee recovery suffered a setback with an infection in the knee; Mike Farris needs prayers for his mission to the U.S. military, Josh has 2 weeks of military training coming up; the Bard family hopes to move to Rochester in August.Pastor Giardino continued to his series on “Soul Winning” with an eloquent presentation, leading us in how to win souls for Christ. He recalled watching Wide World of Sports on TV where divers were seen doing “full gainers” off the board. As an analogy, Christians likewise need to do full gainers in all out efforts to “gain” souls. “Too many times we lose ground to the devil”, our pastor lamented.John 15:16 tells us to “bring forth fruit”. In order to do this, though, we need to lose some things in our lives that may be hindering us. In Phil 3:8, Paul “suffered the loss of all things” in order to win Christ. Pastor Giardino exhorted us to “go all out for Christ” and not put a spiritual “governor” on our life (similar to the governors used to slow racing engines). He asked, “Why do you want to limit Christ in your life?” Mediocrity in your Christian walk limits God. “God is looking to take souls from the gutter-most to the utter-most.” I Cor 9:19 calls us to be servants unto all. The paradox to this is that by serving, you can be happy and gain at the same time. Pastor concluded by saying that, to be a soul winner, you need to know what you want to attain and know where you are going in life.

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