People of GLBBC: The Antique Guy

One can learn quite a bit just by taking the time to get to know someone. It is one thing to be an acquaintance with someone at GLBBC; it is quite another to be a friend.

This morning I stopped by to pick up Brother Mike Deming. He directed me to a favorite restaurant of his in the South Wedge of Rochester on South Clinton Ave., South City Garden, where he bought me breakfast. He recommended the French Toast and I am glad I took the suggestion. Mike and I chatted while my taste buds sang. Mike was kind enough to answer a few questions. This didn’t start out as an interview, but the more I found out about this most interesting man, the more questions I asked.

I found out that Mike was saved in October of 2008; that he came to a saving knowledge of Christ and salvation after long, hard deliberation on the matter; that he subsequently led his family to Christ; that many of his friends and associates were already Christians; that Mike is a very deep and scholarly thinking man; and that he asked Sis Gail Reed for advice as to which church he should attend (bringing him to GLBBC, of course).

I found out that Mike is the proprietor of an antique business called “The Antique Guy”; he once had a store front, but now just operates out of a warehouse; that for 3 years he appeared on air with R-News doing 2-minute spots as “The Antique Guy”; and he spends much more than 40 hours per week involved with his business.

I found out Mike does a 1-hour radio show each Friday morning at 11 am on the SONshine Network, 1310 AM WRSB Canandaigua and 1590 AM WASB Brockport; that his show has a political opinion/call-in format; he started out in late 2008 after meeting with the station owner Mr. David Wolf; that he is a Ron Paul and Tea Party supporter; that the sponsor of his show is “The Antique Guy” (imagine that); that he does all the technical/producer work during the show; and Sis Gail Reed fields his calls as he broadcasts from the Brockport studio.

I found out Brother Mike Deming and his family live in a lovely neighborhood on Highland Ave. just inside Brighton; in a 3 bedroom home built in the 1920’s; with a marvelously picturesque, park like back yard; and that the Demings moved in during 2002.

Additional Comments: I had a chance to listen to one of Bro. Mike’s radio shows. He had let me borrow a CD of his June 6th 1-hour show. Mike has a pleasant radio voice with a calm demeanor. The political reviews and topics were well thought out, and he had the chance to talk with one call-in listener. I was listening to the CD at work, and the content made me sad for this country, even though Mike remained optimistic. My co-worker also was listening, and the radio show mad him mad. He agreed with all Mike said, but it got him riled up a bit at the state of politics and the country.

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