Out to Launch – A Sunday Morning Sermon

Before Mateo Vasquez could even step up to lead us in singing hymns, Gospel Light’s morning service brought out it’s talent for a musical special. As anyone who regularly attends our church knows, we are all about praising our Lord with music. Lori and Michael G, mother and son, took center stage to sing their duet, “Marching on to Zion”. During our offering, Dan Prosser’s unique style was heard on the piano. And capping off the music specials was Grayson Krol, who sang his newly written song while playing beautiful chords on his guitar.

Out to Launch” was the title of Pastor Vince Giardino’s sermon this past Sunday morning. The key scriptural passages were from Luke 5:1-11. These verses reflect the Christian life. Before Jesus asked Simon to, “Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.” Luke 5:4, he spent the time to prepare the fisherman: “he sat down, and taught the people out of the ship” Luke 5:3. The ship in the passages is like the church. Christians follow the same progression of steps as in the scriptural passages before they “launch out into the deep” to look for lost souls. Pastor stated that you “have to get settled into the Christian life before you go fishing.” However, he also stated that “some of you are finished (as were the fishermen at the start of the verses); you don’t want Jesus working in your life.” These are Christians “out to lunch” and not “out to launch”. The sea is Christ’s, Pastor Giardino reminded us, and out of the deep waters, He will deliver people, using the church, i.e. the ship.

The more a person gets caught up in sin, the deeper they are in the sea, and the greater the pressure gets. Pastor Giardino read from Psalm 107:23-32 to show us God’s power and care over the sea and those within. There are people dying and going to hell, but some of us are “by the coast”, unwilling to do the work of the Lord and unwilling to put in the effort. “You won’t see the wonders of God unless you launch off and trust God”, Pastor exclaimed.

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