A Visit from Evangelist John Marshall

Thanks are owed Pastor Giardino for taking notes at Sunday evenings service and for the photo of the “mystery” guests, which he kept as a secret until the service. The contents of this blog post were authored then by our pastor with slight editing alterations by your friendly neighborhood blogger. I pray that all in attendance for this service were greatly blessed.

We had a nice service last night at Gospel Light with Evangelist John Marshall and his wife Lee. They have raised ten children over the last 45 years and all of them are serving the Lord in ministry throughout the world. Their website is www.johnmarshallfamily.com. They sang two specials together with their guitar and violin gracing the songs.

Bro. John preached a sermon entitled: “Two are better than one” from the text of Eccl. 4:9-11. His outline was: Work, Weakness, Warfare, Warmth, Wonder. He related the “threefold cord” from the text as Jesus Christ that gives us this extra strength as we work together. The text teaches us to work together with one another in the ministry. His point on two are better in prayer used Matthew 18:20 to drive home the point of getting answers from God and encourage our church to keep on praying in unified prayer, especially the Saturday evening prayer meeting at Gospel Light. As we fight against Satan, the text also teaches us that “Two will withstand him”.

Bro. Marshall shared his life experience, especially while growing up in the depression times of our country. He stated that the meager portions of food during this time was tough for him and that we should thank God for the bounty of food we often take for granted!

Bearing one another’s burden was also a highlight of the sermon as we need to help one another during difficult times in our Christian journey. Several came to the altar to pray as those in attendance responded to this fine sermon by an experienced man of God.

John and Lee Marshall at Gospel Light, July 25, 2010

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  1. Raych
    Raych says:

    Praise the Lord!
    He and his wife and many of their children have been quite a blessing in my life. Mrs. Marshall has taken me under her wings, so to speak, and has been helping me to learn and grow in the Lord. Br. Marshall is also trying to help me, and he also makes sure I know I am loved by teasing me at every opportunity he can. LOL He does tease me a lot, but I don’t mind.
    Their four youngest daughters, Sharon (Monsour), Joanna, Jessica, and Monica, have agreed to be my sisters. 🙂 I have one biological brother, and that is all, and so years ago we adopted each other as sisters. It has been a blessing, to me, to find out what friends are like, and a taste of what sisters are like. I am so thankful for this family, and how faithful they have beeen, and are being to the Lord. I am proud (a righteous pride) of where the girls are in their lives, as they minister in new ways for the Lord.
    God has special plans for those girls, I am sure of that. This is truly a wonderful family.

    God wants to use everyone, all that He needs is for us to fully surrender our lives to the Lord. Br. Marshall didn’t have an over abundance of meetings lined up, or anything like that, when he took his six daughters, and first got into evangelism. They had two meetings, and that was all. He knew that God wanted him in evangelism, and obeyed. If we are willing to have that kind of faith, God will use us too. Br. Marshall is not a superhero. He is a human being, that is fully surrendered, and knows that God will take care of him. I have heard the quote over and over again, “The safest place for a Christian to be is in the center of God’s will.” This is very true, and very much illistrated in the lives of the Marshall family, and many other families who have surrendered there lives to Him. They have had their share of struggles, Jonathan with spinal menangitis, car accidents, lack of food, lack of clothing, poor health, and many other things that we all go through, but God has met their needs, as He wants to do with us.
    I am sure this was more then my two cents worth, but I just had to share that this family has been quite a blessing to me. (As well as some things I have learned because of this family, and their love they have displayed to me.)
    May God richly bless you.

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