Christian College Student to be Expelled

A Christian graduate student enrolled in the Counselor Education Program at Augusta State University in Georgia is facing expulsion from the university because of her Christian beliefs. She is being forced to either take a remediation program designed to change her opinions on homosexuality and transgendered persons or be dismissed from the graduate program. Read the whole story on her subsequent lawsuit here and here. Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund have filed suit against the university on behalf of the student, Jennifer Keeton. Is this an isolated case? Thank again. In universities across the country there are many instances where Christian students in counseling or psychology programs have been expelled or threatened with dismissal for refusal to change their religious beliefs

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  1. William
    William says:

    No matter how much “re education” someone is forced to take, the institution will never changed their views when they are based on faith, a god, and their own personal belief system. The mandatory brain washing will be for “checking the block” only.

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