Noah and the Kangaroos

While he waited for the great flood to begin, Noah had to house the various animals. He build a special 8-foot high fenced enclosure for the two kangaroos. But during there first night in the fenced enclosure, they escaped. Noah found them hopping around outside the next morning. So he increased the fence’s height to 15-feet, but the kangaroos escaped again.

Exasperated, he added another 15-feet to the enclosure. The kangaroos still escaped. After Noah put the ‘roos back into the fenced enclosure, they were approached by one of the giraffes. “How high do you think Noah will build the fence this time?” the giraffe asked.

“I don’t know,” answered the female kangaroo.” But he might eventually get it to 1000-feet if he keeps leaving the gate unlocked.”

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