Are you one of the “Frozen Chosen”?

There is nothing like the warm and friendly family fellowship at Gospel Light, where you can really know people care. It is hard not to feel right at home amongst the most sincere and genuine folks one will ever meet. This Wednesday evening’s service was no different. Young and old, new folks and regular folks alike, were all greeting, chatting and smiling before, during and after service. A home away from home this church building is to most of us.Some announcements of note:

Bill and Donna will soon take the plunge – they are on the docket to be baptized here in the Gospel Light Pond. Don’t forget your rubber ducky.

Peter Bard and family will soon be arriving in Rochester (after his wife gives birth, of course) and will be staying at “Hotel Gospel Light”, aka the missions’ apartment.

The missions’ apartment is currently receiving a sprucing up by Lori and Pearl.

Tentatively scheduled is an early morning men’s fellowship breakfast, possibly on August 12. More information is to follow.

Also tentatively scheduled is a collection drive, which has been named “Bling for the King”. The drive will involve people donating old or broken jewelry, watches, necklaces, etc. All proceeds will go into the general fund and will be tagged for upgrading the Teen Room, including buying a badly needed carpet.As always on Wednesday evenings, prayer requests were solicited to add to the prayer list that was handed out. Prayers were made for those in need. Be ever thankful for the blessing God brings our way, but remember always to share each others burdens with charity and compassion.

During the offering, we heard an outstanding arrangement on the piano by Raquel. Not only are your parents pleased with you, Raquel, but we all are proud of your progress and piano performances. Having a hard act to follow, it was Mateo’s turn to inspire us. He did not disappoint, serenading the congregation with, “He is all I need” (which was appropriate because he had no musical accompaniment).The “Way of the Master” video for the evening was titled, “How to get on Fire for God”. Ray and Kirk spoke about reasons Christians don’t share their faith, such as lack of enthusiasm, fear, not knowing what to say, and cold feet. They called this kind of Christian the “frozen chosen” and “evangelistic chickens”.

In 1 Cor 2:1-3, they show that Paul also was weak. But what was needed was courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the conquering of fear. The answer, Kirk and Ray explained, is to “be determined to be a true and faithful Christian.” “If you are in God and God is in you, then you will have a fire for God.” They demonstrated how being lukewarm in your attitude toward your Christian life is an insult to God. (See Rev 3:16.)

The three keys for getting on fire for God were presented: (1) Faith – which provides joy, which then leads to energy; (2) Love for God – mature love pushes aside fear;   and (3) Compassion – love other people and have compassion for their eternal destiny.After the video, Pastor Giardino provided a follow-up mini-sermon. His picture of Paul’s personality was one of social ineptness, someone who did not fit in. Likewise, human aspects of our own selves make us feel uncomfortable about witnessing. “We excuse ourselves because we don’t measure up”, Pastor stated. However, anyone can be a witness for Christ. “No one here tonight is beyond the power of the Holy Spirit”, Pastor Giardino preached.

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