Youth Ablaze

This years theme at Youth Ablaze was “Amazing Grace”.
And a better theme could not have been chosen. Thursday night was a powerful opening with the choir and Eddie Wyatt as the first preacher with Pastor John Jenkins closing up the evening. After the service there was pizza, wings and fellowship in the cafeteria. Chili Bible Baptist Church does an amazing job of being a host church for a conference that has an excess of 1,600 attendees. Friday morning was a continued blessing with preaching from Missionary Aaron Putney, Pastor Willie O’Dell and Mystery preacher Tony Shirley. Friday night is always the most well attended service at Youth Ablaze, a full house was present as the lights dimmed and a faint droning sound was heard. As the sound grew louder a lone bag pipper stepped out from backstage in full kilt and tassels. As he played the first verse of Amazing Grace a second pipper joined him as the sound filled the room and the cheers of praise rang high. The rest of the evening seemed to have the hand of God’s blessing on each aspect of it. Saturday morning was a bitter sweet time as it closed with a final sermon from Pastor Wyatt. If you have never attended Youth Ablaze, my hope would be for this to encourage you to attend in the future.
Signing off, Myke Giardino

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  1. apostle43
    apostle43 says:

    I had no idea the conference was so large (i.e. >1600). Great article on Youth Ablaze. Thanks for blogging, Myke! Now if only we could get more Gospel Light people interested in contributing…

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