Leviathan – Be afraid, be very afraid.

The baptismal waters of Gospel Light was a busy place today. Bill and Donna, two of our newest church members, were baptized at this morning’s service by Pastor Giardino. Along with communion, believer’s baptism is a New Testament ordinance. Pastor G. taught about the biblical basis of bapitism using Acts 8:34-39. At tonight’s evening service, many of our young folks were scheduled to be baptized also. (This blogger hopes to have more information soon.)

The music specials, as usual, were excellent. Do you get tired of reading about how wonderful our musicians and singers are at Gospel Light? But it’s so very true. Dean with his guitar teamed up with Grayson to sing “Come Home”; Dan showed us his unique piano style during the offering; and last but certainly not least, Michael with piano sung one of our favorites, “No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus”. Michael’s performance was powerful, with a rising tempo and emotion filled.

Pastor Giardino’s sermon was titled “Hooked”, and whether he meant to be so entertaining, I don’t know. We understood his message, but he was possessed with a playfulness that had us laughing. He read chapter 41 of Job, which is a thorough and frightening description of Satan, called leviathan in the text. Regarding this “supernatural beast”, our pastor stated that “you are not going to be able to catch him or reason with him.” He then read Isaiah 27:1 to show that “only God can kill this serpent that wants to hook you.” The story of Captain Hook and Peter Pan was told.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 was read to warn against not taking the devil seriously and not to be indifferent to God. Pastor said, “The devil will do anything to get you hooked” on any form of sin.

For Point 1: Hooked, Line, and Sinker, Pastor Giardino intended to show that, “in every detail, we take the whole bait”. First he brought out a fishing pole, and then from a tackle box, showed us several hooks and lures. He even had a lure with the devil on it. Likewise then, the devil has many lures in his tackle box; he uses pride, envy, laziness, entitlement, gluttony, gangs, etc. to hook us. Pastor’s hilarious illustration of gangs was a “mafia application” which he read in a stereotypical Italian accent.

And that is as far as Pastor G. got. He ran out of time because he was having so much fun. Part Two of his message is “on deck” for next Sunday morning.

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