Flock Swapping by Pastor Dickson Beam


Flock Swapping

by Pastor Dickson Beam

Pastor Vince Giardino’s Preface:

Pastor Dickson Beam is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Medina, New York. He is a dear friend of this pastor. I respect his insight and tenacity as he plows and cultivates the field the Lord has given him.

Earlier this year he blessed me with this essay he wrote about how like-minded churches sometimes have to deal with very tricky and finely-detailed matters of ethics within our churches. I believe his simple yet profound words will help anyone in a good church to learn. Even pastors can take notice and learn from this pastor’s timely wisdom in these matters.

Please take time to read it and then read it again! It will liberate church members under authoritarian pastors and “sheep” that have feared to even pray about exiting a ministry where they do not belong.

To read the article, click here: Flock Swapping

Editors Note: Pastor Beam’s article resides conveniently under “Pages” on the GLBBC Blog front page.

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