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Somehow, someway, in your travels around the web, you’ve found yourself here at the GLBBC blog reading this nonsense. Fear not dear friend, your web experience is about to get more interesting. Let me direct your attention to two new and exciting blog additions, one here and one elsewhere.

First, head on over to Julia Giardino’s blog by clicking on her picture in the right hand column of this blog or just click here. You will find not one, not two, but fourteen photographs from the recent visit to Music College by our folks from Gospel Light. And of course, Julia writes about her impressions also. Crazy Mateo just can’t resist making faces at a camera.

Next, new to this blog, is a list of Numbers in the Bible and their biblical meanings. Where, you ask, can you find this intriguing list? If you look to the right at the farthest column, you will find a heading called “Pages”. Underneath that heading is a title called “Biblical Numbers Chart”. Go ahead and click the title or click here. One word of caution though, the list was compiled using just one source (because your friendly neighborhood blogger is lazy). I wouldn’t mind a few “bible brainiacs” going over the list and checking for accuracy. If you find something that is not quite right or just plain wrong, let your blogger know, OK?

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