Family Dedication Sunday – presenting our child to our Lord God

Family Dedication Sunday, August 15th, 2010, was an opportunity for parents belonging to Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church to dedicate their children to the Lord God by prayerful, parental vow and confession before the church congregation. A slide presentation on the large screen in front presented photographs of the children. Each family was greeted by Pastor Vince Giardino after their child/children were displayed and were presented “Certificates of Dedication” to sign. The following five families participated:

Josh and Melodie Crane dedicated: Josiah, Olivia

Andres and Jen Clavijo dedicated: Mivette, Mivelys

Joel and Emmy Clavijo dedicated: Kayleanna, Tatiana

Linden and Rachel Overhiser dedicated: Jenna

Joe and Joy Beilman dedicated: Emily, Christopher

The certificates, signed by Pastor Giardino and the parents, contained the following solemn promise: That the parents of this child, in accordance with biblical precept and in the spirit of the 127th Psalm, will teach their heritage by loving example and in continuous instruction from God’s holy Word. It is our prayer that this child, as God’s reward and as an arrow in the hand of a mighty man, would straightly follow our Lord Jesus Christ, joyfully bearing the appointed cross, and cleave unto Him in true faith, firm hope, and ardent love.

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