By Crook or By Hook

For those of you who happened to miss our Aug. 15 Sunday morning service at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, a Family Dedication ceremony (blogged about earlier) had five families dedicate their children to the Lord God. The ceremony instilled a warm and cheerful atmosphere to the rest of our morning. Michael and Mateo added joy and praise to that atmosphere with their wonderful duet, singing “Somebody Heading Somewhere” with Michael masterfully playing piano.

Pastor Giardino began his sermon by acknowledging that time was short, but nevertheless came through in the clutch with a timely and cautionary message. Deuteronomy 28 was introduced as a “classic chapter in the bible”. The first half describes the blessings from following God’s law. However, at the word “but” in verse 15, a transition occurs where all the curses that shall befall on by following the law are laid out.

Our pastor titled his message “By Crook or By Hook”, meaning by one way or another God is going to get a family. The bible is about a King and His Kingdom; God wants a family and one that will listen to Him. Deut 28:37, Pastor G. said, was an “all points bulletin” that applies equally to today in America, which may soon become a “byword”. “God is dropping the protection on our country, our families, and our children”, he said, and “is taking away our borders.” There is going to be “havoc” to the nation and to families, Pastor Giardino warned, if we don’t follow God’s Word.

Using the nursery rhyme, “Little Bo Beep”, our pastor explained that the shepherd’s crook is not meant to punish, but to guide and pull out of trouble those sheep gone astray. We read as a congregation Psalm 23, and like the staff, God uses the bible to bring us closer to the church and to Himself. We are a people in need of a shepherd, our pastor. “We need a re-dedication to God in this country”, Pastor said, because “the walls are breaking down.”

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