A Three Part Affair at Gospel Light!

Sunday Evening Service at Gospel Light was simply a three part affair:

1.) We welcomed Keren Burdick, Missionary to Honduras, who played a composition on the violin so beautifully, one would think she played professionally. Next the screen came down and we were treated to an intriguing slide show of her last trip to Honduras. She works through Baptist International Missions Inc. and her sending church is Maranatha Baptist Church in Mayville, NY, where her father is the pastor. Miss Burdick has a web site at www.TearsForHonduras.com. She hopes to be back in Honduras by January of 2011.

2.)What did we do at church Sunday night?” Pastor Giardino asked. “We took a knitting class.” was the answer he said we should give. Pastor’s message on marriage began with demonstrating the biblical basis for marriage (Gen 2:22-24). He then described how the United Auto Workers (UAW) union operates – all operations are worked out at the local level. This is as it should be with churches. To get help with marital issues, you should go to the church. More specifically, utilize the blessings of the local pastor. And just as the UAW may find it necessary to strike, a lot of couples will stop going to church (as if on strike) when marital issues arise. After reading I Tim 2:5, Pastor explained that a man and a wife may need a mediator if they have a dispute to avoid splitting up. After reading Acts 18:7, Pastor G. said that a husband and wife should be joined together and likewise be “joined hard to the church.” We need to be knit (or woven) together, Pastor Giardino said, and continued by defining the word “knit”. He came up with 5 types of knitting in the bible: (1) fighting unity, (2) soulish unity, (3) peaceful and helping unity, (4) comfort unity, and (5) nourishing unity.

3.) Sunday evening was time for one of the New Testament ordinances, the Lord’s Supper. Pastor Giardino prepared his congregation by reading through I Cor 11:23-30, making sure everyone was aware of the warning to be right with God before participating. This is explained further here. Mateo and Gabriel passed out the unleavened bread and Pastor read from I Cor 11:24 before we ate. Then the grape juice was passed out among us, Pastor read I Cor 11:25, and we drank. “For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord’s death till he come.”1 Cor 11:26

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