Please come and help on Saturday

This is post is a plea to all Gospel Light church members  to consider coming out to visit our elderly brothers and sisters at Wedgewood Nursing Home Saturday, August 21! Please consider being a blessing to souls who are in need of visitations. We need assistance.

  • During our last visit, we were saddened to find out that Ruthie had passed away. She was one of my favorite residents. Ruth used to sit quietly in her wheel chair in the back corner. She was disabled with one leg and had difficulty breathing.  You would hardly notice her in her corner and that’s why I made a special effort to greet her and include her. Ruth needed oxygen to breathe and you would need to get real close to her to hear what she had to say. She told me that her husband had passed away many years earlier and when I asked who came to visit her, with tears, she said her daughter would come by once a month. She spent much of her time reading novels, but she was struggling with the small print on the paperbacks she held. My wife Joy and I would buy large-print novels written by her favorite author at the used bookstore in Spencerport. But by the time I brought the last book to her, she was no longer attending our visits at Wedgewood; she had become so ill. She once told me she had attended a Christian church, I don’t remember the denomination, and she knew the words to the hymns we sang during our visits. I pray to our dear Lord in heaven that she had found salvation during her years on earth, which is something only Ruthie and the Lord know for sure.

Our visit begins at 1 pm and and continues until 2 pm.  So drive on over to downtown Spencerport and be a blessing.  It’s likely that you will be blessed also.  Plenty of parking is available across the street from the home.

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