Missionaries Erick and Staci Knight – Thailand

This post will center on the missionary visit this Wednesday evening (Aug 25) to GLBBC. However, before I do, please allow me to write that our hymns were beautifully accompanied by a mini orchestra: Luke and Grayson with guitars and Julia and Nancy with violins. Surely our Lord was as pleased with their efforts to use their musical talents in praise as we were grateful for the skillful musical accompaniment. One other note, Michael played an outstanding and unique rendition of “It is Well with My Soul” on the piano during the second offering.

Our missionary visitors were Erick and Staci Knight, who will be staying with us in the “Gospel Light Hotel”. This delightful and dynamic couple are being sent into the mission fields of Thailand by Happy Valley Baptist Church in Georgia, lead by Pastor Eddie Wyatt (who Pastor Giardino referred to as the “task master pastor”). Brother Erick Knight spoke about his and his wife’s journey since being saved leading up to Thailand. They are hoping to be back in Thailand by this October. The big white screen came down, the lights were dimmed, and we were treated to a very colorful and informative video on Thailand.

The following is a quote from the Knight’s prayer card: “Thailand is 30% larger than the state of Texas and has a population of approximately 66 million people. Of those, 94.6% are Buddhist, 4.6% are Muslim, 0.7% are Christian, and 0.1% are other. There are many areas of Thailand where there is no Gospel witness of ANY kind. Our plan is to team up with Dr. Wayne Sehmish as he starts an Independent Baptist Church and Bible Institute in Nahkon Sawan to train national Pastors and workers.” Brother Knight stated that currently only 23 Independent Baptist missions exist in all of Thailand.

Brother Erick Knight was given 20 minutes to give the charge for the evening. Reading from Romans 12:1-2, Bro. Knight got right to the point. With being “saved” the most important thing in a person’s life, second most important is finding the will of God for your life, something found by reading the Word of God. His lament was that too often people don’t grow after being saved; “they never progress” and continue to be “babies in Christ”. The devil has “sidetracked people from church and from further growth”, he said. Likewise, because of the lack of maturity in the congregation, Baptist churches themselves show immaturity and contention.

Continuing through Romans 12:3-13, Brother Knight illustrated many of the attributes that are part of being mature and active members of the body of Christ. He said that people need to get to the place in the church where they are being used as God intended. Only then, as “each individual gives his reasonable service”, will the church be heading in the direction of God’s will. Brother Knight said that, to find God’s will for your life, there are three main points to consider: (1) You are going to have to want it (through desire), (2) You are going to have to work for it (seeking with wisdom), and (3) It will require you to wait for it. A process of “preparation to make you better not bitter” will occur in your life, just as with Joshua and David in the Old Testament and with our own Pastor Giardino.

Brother Knight said “the Spirit is telling you what is hindering you from serving the Lord.” He exhorted us to “keep pressing on; God can help you go through what you are facing.”

Pastor G.’s Decree: Toward the end of service, Pastor Giardino announced that Erick and Staci Knight are being added to Gospel Light list of supported missionaries. Several in the congregation volunteered monthly financial support. Later in the evening, a nosy blogger asked our pastor what motivated his decision. Four reasons were given: (1) They are connected with Pastor Wyatt, (2) Bro. Knight gave exactly the charge the church needed, (3) They are well trained, (4) They are a great investment. Praise God for people who answer the call to serve in foreign lands.

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