Hook, Lean and Sitter – Sunday morning sermon

Good morning dear Gospel Light souls. When a blogger can’t sleep, then it must be time to read the Word of God, amen. The Word was instilled all through Sunday morning’s sermon by Pastor Vince Giardino, so the decision to review my notes and write is a blessed alternative.Pastor G. continued on his theme of “hook, line and sinker” by first reading Luke 22: 31-32, “And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not” and then praying that “God open the eyes of those who may be blinded”. Using the movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, Pastor made the analogy between the movie’s deep sea monster “The Kraken” and “leviathan”, described in chapter 41 of Job, a frightening sea monster that defines Satan. “The devil wants to sink your ship”, Pastor G. warned; using snares and traps, the devil can get your testimony and morality even if he can’t get your soul. Pastor said that, if you are saved, the devil is limited, but he can still “sift” you, “work you over” with the many addictions that our pastor listed. “After the sifting, is there going to be any faith left?”, Pastor Giardino asked.

Thus, Pastor Giardino continued point 3 of his series, “Hook, Lean and Sitter” (concentrating on “lean”). He said that there are all types of hooks the devil uses; “people fall for all kinds of things”. He brought forward an artificial tree from the behind the stage and used that as an illustration of worldly things that fail when you need to lean on something. Using 4 men of the congregation to surround himself, he began to lean back and forth, and these Christian men were able to support him. Pastor taught that we are to surround ourselves with like-minded Christians, lean on the “staff” (Heb 11:21) of the Bible, and that Jesus is there to lean on. When hard times come, “it’s good to be in church”. “The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms” Deut 33:27. Pastor said that you should “want God in your corner” and “lean upon the everlasting arms of Jesus Christ” because “there are going to be tests in life – it’s the Christian life.”

The apostle John leaned upon Jesus (John 13:23), his savior, maker, and God, and was given insights, for it was he that wrote the book of Revelation. In like manner, we also should “draw closer to God”. In Mark 5, the man whom Jesus had removed the legion sat at Jesus’ feet. Just as people feared that man, people will fear us, Pastor Giardino explained, because they don’t want to be changed, they still love their old life of sin.Not to mention our music special for the morning service would be especially egregious. Our Grayson’s Gospel Gobblers were at it again upon our pastor request, with the song “I’ll break the chains that bind”. Our 4 players were Julia with violin, Melodie with vocals, Josh with rhythm guitar, and Grayson plucking away at the banjo. The delightful sounds of praise emanated throughout our church. Praise God for the wealth of musical talent here at Gospel Light.

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  1. Mateo Vazquez
    Mateo Vazquez says:

    What an excellent recap to an exceptional weekend at Gospellight. I am still relishing and enjoying the spirited weekend that The Lord blessed us with. The men’s prayer breakfast was just a tremendous encouragement. Listening to 50 Men singing hymns and the message on PILLARS by Pastor Strobel spoke to my heart, and many others as we witnessed a full altar. Personally, on Sunday morning, the attacks were evident and just as Psalm 122:1 states… I was glad when they said unto me.. let us go into the House Of the Lord, The moment pastor Brado began to teach on the book of Samuel, Boy was I glad that I came to the HOUSE of The LORD!
    Sunday Morning and evening, OUR AWESOME, TREMENDOUS, 2ND TO NONE, Pastor G delivered Fresh Manna from Heaven. I especially enjoyed the opportunity we had to ‘polish our windpipes’ and worship The Lord ‘ in song’ during chior practice. The people at Gospellight are some of my favorite people in the world. I am sooooooo blessed to be a part of this church!!!

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