Heirs together of the grace of life.

The enthusiasm to worship was kicked into high gear at Sunday evening’s service at GLBBC by the singing of our reliable and lovable trio of Gabriel, Jeremiah, and Mateo. “Sweet Beulah Land” was the hymn they chose to praise God with.

Opening with I Peter 3:7, our key verse, Pastor Vince Giardino continued with his series on marriage, “Delicate Order”. Once again he used the auto union, UAW, to make analogies to marriage and union benefits. Since marriage is a union, it has “benefits that the Lord instills to keep it healthy”, he said.

Pastor Giardino described the situation of a divorced Christian couple that split because of a lack of communication. With the experience that comes with being a pastor, he could confidently tell us that there are “few good testimonies among Christian couples.” Breaking marriage vows in the church is off the charts”, he lamented. The UAW at least bargains and eventually works things out. A marriage union needs a mediator, and Jesus Christ is who that should be.

Pastor Giardino then read I Cor 7:2-4. Using the UAW acronym, he said “A” stands for “auto” or independent, one unit. “You and your wife are a self-contained unit”, he explained. “A” also stands for appreciation, attention, and adoration. Thus, we need to show our wives appreciation by attending to her desires; “money’s tight, but it’s better than alimony payments”, Pastor G. quipped.

Further in the lesson, our pastor used Deut 5:21-25 to warn against covetousness. The devil uses the “divide and conquer” tactic, so we must be wary not to desire people or things that displace love in our marriage. God’s wife was Israel, Pastor Giardino taught, but “Israel stepped out on God … The more God blessed Israel, the more she forgot God.”

“Marriage is a reward system”, Pastor said, where you are “heirs together of the grace of life.” A wife should esteem her husband, not focusing on the negative, and a husband should honor his wife as she is not a lesser thing. “Lean on each other”, he advised, “in every part of your Christian lives.” Marriage should be like a weld, binding and cleaving husband and wife into one flesh.

Note: Next time on Sesame Street at Gospel Light, we’ll look at the letter “W”. May God richly bless you, dear reader.

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